NOTICE:  In 2019, Apollo Endo (maker of the Orbera Intra-gastric Balloon) aquired the ReShape balloon and pulled it off the market in order to increase the market share for their balloon.  Therefore, we can no longer offer the ReShape balloon.

Trace Curry, MD

Dr. Trace Curry was the first physician in Ohio to place the ReShape balloon, and his practice is the only in Ohio currently offering the procedure.  Dr. Curry has placed more ReShapes than nearly any other doctor in the US.

ReShape Duo

The ReShape gastric balloon, also known as ReShape Duo, is a dual-balloon system approved for use by the FDA in 2016 to treat obesity.  A perfect option for patients who want to lose up to 50 pounds without surgery, the ReShape represents the latest in gastric balloon technology.

Their REDUCE Pivotal FDA trial showed:

  • The ReShape Procedure produced more than twice the weight loss (28% EWL) compared to patients treated with medically supervised diet and exercise alone (12% EWL).
  • 55% of patients treated with the ReShape Procedure lost at least 25% of their excess weight.
  • Significant improvements in weight-related issues were observed through the 24 week treatment phase, and these improvements continued for an additional 24 weeks after the balloon. These included reductions in triglycerides, high and low density lipoproteins, systolic and diastolic blood pressures, and waist and hip circumferences.
  • Two-thirds of average weight loss achieved was maintained for the 24 weeks after the balloon was retrieved.
  • The ReShape had an excellent safety profile, with no migrations or obstructions reported.
  • 66% of trial patients said they would have the ReShape Procedure again and 75% said they would recommend it to a friend in a follow-up survey.

Dual Balloon Technology!

The ReShape gastric balloon offers two balloons that are each filled separately, with the theory that it could cause patients to get full earlier and have better hunger control.  Each balloon is typically filled with 450cc’s of saline for a total fill volume of 900cc’s, versus the Orbera typical fill volume of 600cc’s.

Placed without surgery and no incisions, the ReShape gastric balloon is a new technology for weight loss in the US, and offers patients a reversible way to lose weight without permanently altering their anatomy.

ReShape patients can take advantage of our VHPGO app and enjoy the convenience of live virtual dietitian visits, virtual support groups, and more!

ReShape Duo Placement