Orbera Gastric Balloon

The Orbera Managed Weight Loss System is an intra-gastric balloon that helps you with your portion size, fullness, and hunger.  It’s a soft, flexible, expandable device that is placed non-surgically, with an endoscopy under sedation.

An intensive follow-up program for the next 6 months will help patients lose on average 25-50 lbs.  The Orbera intra-gastric balloon works by taking up space in your stomach, so when you start eating it takes a lot less food to make you feel full!

After the procedure your hunger also will also be reduced because your stomach feels like it has food in it, when it is actually empty except for the gastric balloon.

The US Orbera clinical trial showed 40% excess body weight loss, and Orbera patients lost 3X more weight than patients in the medical weight loss arm of the trial.

6 months into the program, the Orbera intra-gastric balloon is taken out, again with a non-surgical procedure.  After the balloon is removed we offer several medical weight loss options to help patients maintain their weight loss and continue to lose at a slower pace.

Gastric balloons have been in use word-wide for many years, and have an excellent safety profile and the procedure does not involve any incisions.  The Orbera Managed Weight Loss System has been approved by the FDA and we are pleased to have been the first center in Ohio to do the procedure.

Our physician partners in Cincinnati, Columbus, or Dayton can get you back on your track to better health!

Please note that insurance does not cover gastric balloons at this time, although it may be tax deductible as a medical expense and is HSA eligible.  We have multiple partners through which financing is also available as well.

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