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    Zofran tablet

    Presciptions for Nausea

    • Phenergan (generic-promethazine)
      • Phenergan comes in a tablet form and is an older medication but works extremely well for nausea.
        • Take one tablet every 4-6 hours as needed.
    • Zofran (generic-ondansetron)
      • Zofran is a new medication for nausea which does NOT make you sleepy.
      • Zofran comes in sublingual tablet form.
        • Dissolve one tablet under your tongue every 6 hours as needed.
        • You can take Zofran and Phenergan together.
    • Emend (generic-aprepitant)
      • Emend is one of the newest anti-nausea medications.  It comes in a tablet form and can be swallowed.
      • It can be expensive, so we make it optional for patients.
      • If you do opt for Emend, take it immediately upon arrival to your procedure.
        • Sometimes a second tablet will be prescribed, if so take it the morning of post op day 1.