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Follow-up Visits: Lap Band Patients

  • Lap Band Adjustments
    • For band patients, the first adjustment of your Lap Band will be done at the 4 week visit in the office.  You will not have an adjustment at your 1 week visit.
    • We recommend that you see the team every 4 weeks for the first year for a weight check and to be evaluated for an adjustment.
    • We will evaluate the need for additional adjustments at each follow-up appointment. 
    • After the first year your band can be adjusted as-needed, however we do recommend coming to our main office in Cincinnati once a year for an X-ray to check placement of the band.  
    • After any adjustment, if you are having issues keeping down solid food, please call and let us know.
      • This most likely means that your band has a little too much saline in it, and this issue will not resolve until some saline is removed!
  • On the day of any band adjustment, eat a light breakfast (like Carbmaster Yogurt or low-fat cottage cheese, nothing solid). 
  • After each adjustment, you must go back to liquids for the rest of the day, pureed the following day, and then to soft solid foods for a day (or longer if necessary).