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1st Post-op Appointment

  • For all procedures, you will meet with a dietitian virtually around 7 days after surgery
  • Your incisions will need to be examined by one of our mid-level providers within a day or two of your dietary appointment.
    • We prefer for this to be a live visit.
    • If you live far out-of-town, we may be able to do this visit by phone or virtual visit.  If are doing a virtual, take a digital picture of your incisions and email them to us at
  • If you have any medical issues, in addition to seeing our team, it is a good idea to make an appointment with your primary care physician for about 2 weeks after your surgery date to monitor your chronic conditions.
  • If you have any issues prior to your first appointment, a member of the team is always available to take your call in the case of an emergency. You can reach the on-call provider by calling the office and following the phone message prompts at 513-559-1222, or 877-442-2263.