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All surgical patients (sleeve, bypass, band, SIPS) will be required to do a prescribed pre-op diet immediately prior to surgery.  The length of your diet will be determined by your body mass index:

  • BMI 30-34.99: 3 day pre-op diet           
  • BMI 35-39.99: 7 day pre-op diet
  • BMI 40-44.99: 14 day pre-op diet          
  • BMI 45-49.99: 21 day pre-op diet
  • BMI >50: 4 weeks minimum

Check your BMI!

The pre-op diet is critical to reducing operative risks, and making laparoscopic surgery easier by reducing the size of the liver.  At your pre-op/consent visit, our registered dietitians will teach you in detail regarding your specific plan!

Online Pre-op Diet

Click here if you are doing your Pre-op/Consent Visit virtually and need to order your kit online!