Surgery Pre-op Class-Dietary
    About Lesson


    Meal 1:  ¼ – ½  cup carb master yogurt                    

    Meal 2:  ½ cup protein supplement (remember to sip slowly!)

    Meal 3:  ⅓ cup pureed chicken salad

                     ¼ cup No sugar added applesauce

    Meal 4:  ¼ cup pureed cottage cheese

                     ¼ cup baby food peaches (stage 1 or 2 only)

    Meal 5:   ⅓ cup pureed turkey

                     ¼ cup pureed sweet potatoes

    Meal 6:  ½ cup sugar-free pudding

    *You may NOT be able to consume these portions, especially at the beginning so it is important to stop eating when you feel a comfortable fullness.

    **Your last meal should not be within 3 hours of going to bed!!!