Surgery Pre-op Class-Dietary
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    Recommended Choices for Clear Liquid Diet- (2 oz every 15 mins)

    • Clear broth or bouillon – chicken, beef, or vegetable
    • Water or ice chips
    • Crystal Light or Sugar-free Kool-Aid
    • Decaf tea or coffee (NutraSweet, Splenda, Sweet-n-low, Stevia allowed)
    • Sugar-free gelatin
    • Propel Zero, Powerade Zero, or Gatorade Zero
    • Sugar-free popsicles
    • Sugar-free italian ice
    • Bariatric Advantage Clear Protein Drink (Journeylite)
    • Journeylite Supplements:  Fruit Drinks, Protein Bouillon, and Hot Beverages (made with 8oz water)