Medtronics Signia Stapler

Smart Stapling Technology: Start of the Art at JourneyLite!

In order to do most surgical weight loss procedures with a minimally invasive technique know as “laparoscopy,” some high-tech stapling devices must be used.  These devices seal off the stomach when divinding it, or can help make new connections between stomach and small intestine.

Since one of the risks of bariatric surgery is known as a “staple line leak” it is very important to use the best stapling device possible.

JourneyLite Surgery Center has adopted the new Signia™ Smart Stapling endoscopic stapler.  We are the first (and only) center in Southwest Ohio that can offer this technology to our patients!

The world’s first smart stapler, the Signia™ system combines the proven performance of Tri-Staple™ technology with the power of real-time feedback. In addition the high-tech handle also gives our surgeons the precision of fully powered rotation, articulation, and firing with one hand.

The world’s first smart stapler is transforming surgical stapling because the Signia™ stapler:

  • Delivers powered articulation, rotation, and firing with one hand
  • Delivers consistent staple lines
  • Provides precision and maneuverability with fully powered articulation, rotation, and clamping
  • Displays real-time feedback on an easy-to-understand LED screen
  • Frees the surgeon’s other hand to focus on the surgical site

The Signia™ stapler also utilizes Medtronics advanced Tri-Staple™ technology, which:

  • Generates less stress on tissue
  • Allows greater perfusion into the staple line
  • Delivers outstanding performance in variable tissue

Overall our surgeons feel that this new and improved smart stapling technology will greatly improve outcomes and reduce the incidence of staple line leaks.