Recently the Cleveland Clinic published a paper in JAMA looking at 2300 patients who underwent weight loss surgery (gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, gastric band, or duodenal switch) compared to 11,500  matched patients with similar medical issues who did not have surgery. The endpoint of the study was the occurrence of one of the following:  death, coronary artery events, cerebrovascular events, heart failure, atrial fibrillation, or kidney disease.  They looked at these patients over an 8 year period and their findings were striking:  patients who had one of the above weight loss surgeries were 40% less likely to  experience on of these major complications. This study adds to a growing body of evidence that shows some amazing reductions in mortality (and various other serious medical issues) cause by obesity. JourneyLite Physicians offers all of the procedures featured in this study, some of which can be done on an outpatient basis with minimal down time or missed work.  So schedule a consultation to meet with one of our experienced weight loss surgeons in Ohio and start on a pathway to a healthier life now!

Medtronics Signia Stapler

Smart Stapling Technology: Start of the Art at JourneyLite!

In order to do most surgical weight loss procedures with a minimally invasive technique know as “laparoscopy,” some high-tech stapling devices must be used.  These devices seal off the stomach when divinding it, or can help make new connections between stomach and small intestine.

Since one of the risks of bariatric surgery is known as a “staple line leak” it is very important to use the best stapling device possible.

JourneyLite Surgery Center has adopted the new Signia™ Smart Stapling endoscopic stapler.  We are the first (and only) center in Southwest Ohio that can offer this technology to our patients!

The world’s first smart stapler, the Signia™ system combines the proven performance of Tri-Staple™ technology with the power of real-time feedback. In addition the high-tech handle also gives our surgeons the precision of fully powered rotation, articulation, and firing with one hand.

The world’s first smart stapler is transforming surgical stapling because the Signia™ stapler:

  • Delivers powered articulation, rotation, and firing with one hand
  • Delivers consistent staple lines
  • Provides precision and maneuverability with fully powered articulation, rotation, and clamping
  • Displays real-time feedback on an easy-to-understand LED screen
  • Frees the surgeon’s other hand to focus on the surgical site

The Signia™ stapler also utilizes Medtronics advanced Tri-Staple™ technology, which:

  • Generates less stress on tissue
  • Allows greater perfusion into the staple line
  • Delivers outstanding performance in variable tissue

Overall our surgeons feel that this new and improved smart stapling technology will greatly improve outcomes and reduce the incidence of staple line leaks.

Selvera Bluetooth Scale
The CurryCare/Selvera SMART Balance Scale

Whether you are undergoing a surgical weight loss procedure or a medical weight loss program, tracking your weight is important.  It’s also helpful for our team to be able to analyze your weight trend over time.  Luckily, this problem is solved with the new CurryCare app. It’s free on iOS and Android, and the integrated Selvera SMART Balance bluetooth-enabled scale (max capacity 330 lbs*) helps you easily track your weight and other vital stats.

Rated one of the Top 5 Wireless Smart Scales of 2017 by Riznows,  the scale not only measures your weight but, other important numbers such as  your body fat percentage, body fat pounds, lean mass percentage, and lean mass pounds.  This data then gets automatically fed into the CurryCare app.  Our team can then review it with you at each appointment.  You can get  one of these awesome scales for just $75 at any of our office locations!

You can use your existing FitBit, AppleWatch (or Apple Health-compatible tracker), Google Fit device, or Levl tracker to also sync your activity.  If you use CurryCare’s powerful food journaling option, we can get a great picture of your daily calorie intake vs. energy expenditure.  If you don’t have a tracker we have a basic step and sleep tracker for just $40.  You can even get both the scale and tracker for just $99!

Data is an important in any weight loss journey, and CurryCare gives you the tools you need to succeed.  Get started now!